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    • Cultural Competency and Health Equity
    • Autoimmune Disease Awareness
    • Disability and Invisible Illness Awareness
    • Integrative Wellness
    • Improving Quality of Life
    • Medical and Business English for English as a Second Language Speakers



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    • Patient/Stakeholder Interviews and Focus Groups
    • Community Based Participatory Research/Public Participatory Research
    • Qualitative Research (design, data collection, analysis, and presentation)


  • Portfolio

    Case Studies, Projects, and Presentations Conducted by Dr. April Moreno

    HIV Planning Council Website Design: User Experience (UX) Research

    UX Research

    I was contracted to conduct UX research for a project on the redesign of a statewide HIV public health website. I reviewed the stakeholder project meeting notes, Identified key objectives and themes, Designed and conducted qualitative user interviews, Designed persona and completed reports of the findings.


    Click Here for an Anonymized Report Excerpt


    Usability Research and Design:
    GIS Web Application

    UX Case Study and Assessment

    Working across four sectors (university, nonprofit, private consultant, and federal government), I participated in UX research focus groups, assessment, and identifying the conceptual design specifications of an online GIS platform for the EPA Brownfields to Healthfields project with Los Angeles County community clinics.


    Click Here for the Published Report

    Understanding Minority Multiple Sclerosis Patient Preferences for Research Participation

    ACTRIMS 2018 Poster Presentation

    As a member of the Minority Research Network for Multiple Sclerosis, I conducted a study on the various levels of online research network participation and minority perspectives on participation. The objectives were to understand diverse patient views of research studies, what encourages/discourages them from participation, and and identifying key factors to encourage participation. The poster was presented at the 2018 Americas Conference for Research and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and I was awarded a Student Grant for participation.

    Click Here to Access the Poster Presentation

    Usability Needs Assessment: Alliance for Research in Hispanic Multiple Sclerosis Website

    Usability Assessment

    As part of my dissertation I also designed a Public Health Interoperability Matrix to assess 6 levels of interoperability maturity and what this would look like for public health agencies.


    Click Here for the Presentation

    Design of a Public Health Interoperability Matrix

    Qualitative Report

    As part of my dissertation I conducted semi-structured interviews to design a Public Health Interoperability Matrix, identifying 6 levels of interoperability maturity and what this would look like for public health agencies seeking to improve interoperability across health systems.


    Click Here for the Interoperability Matrix

    EHR Data Quality Assessment

    Qualitative Report

    For my dissertation research, I conducted a qualitative assessment of EHR data quality across three sectors in Southern California: Health insurer, public health, and clinical sectors.

    Click Here for the Report

    Strategic Planning and Implementation Tracking: LA County Public Health

    As part of LA County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, this was an ongoing project of strategic planning and implementation tracking across the department.



    Optometry Service Learning and Care Coordination

    As a consultant of the YWCA San Gabriel Valley, I conducted this assessment for Western University and the United Way to identify patient demographics, health needs, and conduct patient care coordination.


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    2019年8月8日 · GIS,conference,User Research
    I have attended at least five ESRI Conferences over the years. And this year, having completed my postdoctoral fellowship, I attended the ESRI User Conference (ESRI UC) with a very new perspective. I began thinking more about the term User Conference and the user experience of Geographic...
    2019年6月26日 · uxresearch,conference,inclusivedesign
    As soon as I found out about the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2019) conference, and hearing that it was taking place in San Diego, I was excited to attend a one-day workshop on Inclusive Feminist Design. It was a wonderful experience which I highly recommend. The conference was at one of...
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  • About Dr. April Moreno

    Health informatics researcher in technology usability for underrepresented audiences. Based in Southern California. PhD in Health Promotion Sciences/Information Systems and Technology. MPA in Public Administration (Public Sector Leadership and Management). BA and MA in Cultural Anthropology.


    Qualitative research to promote cultures of health in diverse communities. Strategic planning implementation, user centered research, and autoimmune health advocacy.


    Supporting a culture of equitable health and diversity awareness through healthcare research, strategy, and education.

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